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Kislingbury CE Primary School

A school family learning and growing together

Week 2

Kiki has been keeping busy over the weekend. She helped Christopher (Mrs Lunn's oldest son) make fairy cakes, and she enjoyed eating them as well - they were yummy!


Kiki helped Mrs Lunn do some gardening and then later enjoyed a nice board game testing her Harry Potter knowledge.

Kiki also enjoyed a nice walk through the fields and wooded area. It was rather windy and a bit chillier than last week so Kiki had a nice mug of hot chocolate when she got back.


Kiki has been working hard today on her grammar lesson, finding different nouns. You can see all the words she thought of in Tuesdays English lesson. 

Kiki has been keeping fit doing the Joe Wicks work out, she found the 'mountain climbers' hard but really enjoyed the 'kangaroo hops'


Kiki has also been doing her school work.

Kiki has been practising her phonics and reading stories today.