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Kislingbury CE Primary School

Flourishing, academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually through love.



This week's Music task is to learn the beautiful song One Moment, One People from the Singup website link: 

Use the clip and the lyrics to help you learn the song. By the end of the week, perform this song to your family. With your parents permisison, you could even set up a video call to a family member who you are unable to see at present. 

Good luck.
Miss Holland

Story Time


Watch this video and try to name some 3D shapes: (If you need some reminding, watch These Are The 3D Shapes That I Know: LINK)





Chilli Challenge

Using the objects in your bag, can you draw around one of the shape's faces on some paper? Can you name the shape? (e.g. a digestive biscuit packet is a cylinder, so if you draw around the face at the ends, it can make a circle).


Please use Teach Your Monster To Read (website or app) every day to practise the phonics at your child's level.

Writing: Can you write these words without looking? Write the 'ear' sound for your child and let them know it will be in all of the words.

Chilli Challenge - Can you write these words?



It is time to practise our jumper family letters!

Can you do the strong meerkat action for each letter, then write 3 by the tree (3 of each letter on one line next to a drawn monkey tree) of:

h (From Brave Monkey - down, bump, back up, push over, down, bump and flick)

n (From Scared Monkey - down, bump, back up, push over, down, bump and flick

m (From Scared Monkey - down, bump, back up, push over, down, bump, back up, push over, down, bump and flick)

Chilli Challenge - Can your adult spot the letter you could most improve on? Practice the moves in strong meerkat position then write another 3 by the tree.

Are you starting from the right monkey? Are you bumping on the ground (the line)? 

Music - Miss Holland's Challenge At The Top Of The Page

Chilli Challenge - Keep that music going and try singing all of these nursery rhymes with your family! These are attached in document section at the bottom of the page.


Please send me any questions about anything in the "How Can I Help?" section of this website, or through my new school email address: Also, feel free to send any home learning your children are doing to this email address. 

Miss Pittam