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Kislingbury CE Primary School

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Story Time!


I have created a youtube channel called Miss Pittam, which will contain all of the videos that will help you on your home learning journey. 

This week's maths is about 2D (flat shapes) and we are starting with 3 shape stories. Today's is called The Circle, click on the link below to see and hear Miss Pittam read The Circle:


Can you draw the shape you could see with your eyes closed at the end of the story?

Chilli Challenge - Can you name the shape? Why did you say that? Sides? corners? Can you write it?


Hello! I would really like to encourage you to use the website/app called TEACH YOUR MONSTER TO READ. This is a really good resource that will be more targeted to your child's phonics level. The website is completely free but you have to pay a small amount for the app. I believe it is 99p at the moment (down from £4.99), so it is a really good time to buy.


Have a look at my blog post below:

This will be the main bulk of the phonics reading, but I will write words for the children to write every day. (Today please download and explore the app)

If you cannot access the website or app, please let me know on the "How can I help?" survey page and I can supply some resources.

PARENTS - Please watch the below video about how to robot talk words.


Here is a video about writing the number 1

Please do the actions while saying the words (move it, say it) then write three (1's) by the tree on lined paper (write it). 
To Adults: if you can draw the two monkey's branches on the lines your child is writing on, this will really help the child. Here is a link to a video about how to draw the branches: 

Chilli Challenge - Can your write a number sentence including the number '1' using two groups of objects. e.g. 1+3= (count the total number of objects) 4.


Please feel free to explore the website, there are lots of ideas and resources on both the Althorp page and the rest of the School Closure section of the website. I am trying to make all of the learning as fun as possible with a lot of examples, but please go to the 'How Can I Help?' section of the Althorp page, where you can request more support and ask any questions. I am also doing a blog and videos where I read my favourite stories so keep an eye on this website and my new Youtube channel (Miss Pittam).

Please watch this phonics video to support adult robot talking (sounding out) of written words: 

Thank you for your support!

Miss Pittam