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Kislingbury CE Primary School

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W.C. 29th June

Hello Kelmarsh Class,

I can't believe we have had the longest day of the year and now we are coming to the end of June! Although lock down has been very tricky for many reasons, such as learning from home and not being able to see friends, we have been so lucky with the weather! This weekend was the first time we went on a socially distanced walk with some friends and I must say it was so good to see them. On the walk we came across a pond and spotted water snail eggs on the back of lily-pads, tadpoles, newts, dragonfly nymphs (ugly babies of dragon flies) and stunning, elegant, electric blue dragon flies! It was such fun spotting these creatures in nature!

Thank you to those families that are still logging in and completing work. You are putting your children in a great place ready for September. On line, we have covered much of the curriculum that we would have ordinarily covered in school. You have learnt how to add, subtract, divide, multiply and find fraction of amounts. You have done lots of reading in different genres through book talk, which is brilliant because in Key Stage 2 much of the curriculum needs to be accessed through reading.  You have revised grammar work to help you with your sentence structure for creative writing and writing in other areas of the curriculum.  In maths this week we are moving onto telling the time - another vital life skill. So I just wanted to say a big thank you as I do appreciate the time and commitment that this has taken from both parent and child. Not only that,  I really do believe it will be easier for these children to transition back into the school day and the concentration required. 

Mrs Withey, Mrs Maloney and myself are very excited at seeing you this afternoon on zoom. It will be so lovely to finally catch up! Until then, work hard! Remember to send in photos of your work and achievements, as we love seeing what you are doing and it motivates others to try things too!

Love Mrs Thornely