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Kislingbury CE Primary School

Flourishing, academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually through love.


Good Morning,

I hope you are managing to get back into a routine, remember it is ok if you don't manage to complete all the work just do as much as you are able to. 

Is anyone still doing the Joe Wicks workouts? I must admit I didn't keep up this these over the last two weeks and so it was quite a challenge to complete this yesterday.

I have created a 'Work we are proud of' tab where I will put anything that you would like to share with the class. 

I have found a fun music program from BBC schools radio which fits in with our topic. I will give you a lesson from this each week.

I know that many of you enjoy doing Art and Craft. I will be giving one Art lesson each week (on a Monday) but for those who would like to do more I have created a folder of topic related Art and Craft ideas. These are just some ideas that I have found on the Internet and I am sure you probably think of some other creative 'Under the Sea' ideas as well. 

Stay safe.

Mrs Lunn x