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Kislingbury CE Primary School

A school family learning and growing together


Story Time!


Can you write a letter to someone that you are separated from to cheer them up? In your letter you need to write:

- Who you are writing to (e.g. To Grandma)
- What would you like to say (Have a great day!)
- Who is it from? (From Miss Pittam)


This week's maths is about 2D (flat shapes). As a warm up please watch and sing along to the short video below:

Adults: can you draw some circles, triangles (of different styles), squares, rectangles, pentagons and any other shapes you know.

Children: Cut them up if you have children's scissors and group them by the number of they have. For example, groups can be on different sheets of paper, one saying 1 side, 3 sides, 4 sides, 5 sides etc.

Chilli Challenge - Can you name the shape? Why did you say that? Sides? corners? Can you write it?


Please download TEACH YOUR MONSTER TO READ (download the app or visit the website at this LINK). This will allow your child to move through the sounds at their own pace rather than me uploading phonics resources that are not appropriate for all children.

Today's Words To Write (without looking) Write the 'or' sound for your child and let them know it will be in all of the words.

Chilli Challenge: Can your write...

Handwriting Muscle Job

Can you practise your animal positions?

Strong penguin (standing, legs hip width apart, arms flat to the side).

Strong stone lion (hands and knees as if about to crawl, eyes looking to the floor)

Strong meerkat (kneeling up, toes pointed, hands by your side)

Strong lizard (on your stomach, but shoulders lifted up with elbows and forearms on the floor, heels together, toes pointed).

Chilli Challenge - You could play a game with your family. One person is the leader and the rest are followers. Everyone could be dancing or walking around, then the leader can say one of the animal positions. The last one to get into the animal position will be the next leader.


Thank you for your support!

Miss Pittam