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Kislingbury CE Primary School

Flourishing, academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually through love.



I have created a youtube channel called Miss Pittam, which will contain all of the videos that will help you on your home learning journey. 

This week's maths is about 2D (flat shapes) and we are starting with 3 shape stories. Today's is called The Triangle, click on the link below to see and hear Miss Pittam read The Triangle:


Have a go at this game involving patterns and shapes. Can you name the shapes you can see in the pattern game? 

Game Link    (computer and tablet friendly) 

Chilli Challenge

In each lesson we will be giving a Chilli Challenge, which is an extra challenge if you are feeling amazing about your learning!

Chilli Challenge - Can you draw some 2D shapes and write down their names in your home learning scrapbook?


Can your adult make little paper cards of the sounds currently on your child's sound keyring using only lower case letters (with no picture prompts) and spread them around the house. Can you find all of the cards and tell your adult the sound the letters make?

Chilli Challenge - Can you think of a work beginning with that sound (or with that sound in) and write it down in your scrapbook?


Adults, if you do not have your personalised home learning packs yet, in the attachments section below this text there is the handwriting document to make the Kinetic Letters handwriting scheme that we use a bit clearer. 

Below is a video showing the children how to write the number 9 using the move it, say it, write it technique. The language I will be using is the same as that provided in your Kinetic Letters Adult Pack, so please encourage your children to do the actions with me, say the names of the action, then write it on lined paper (preferably wide lined such as the Home Learning Scrapbooks provided from school).

ADULTS: Here is a video explaining how to draw monkey branches to help your child's handwriting

Chilli Challenge - Can you think of an addition number sentence using the number 9? For example, if I had 9 pencils and I added 1, I could write in my scrapbook '9+1=' then count the total number of pencils, then writing '10' at the end of my number sentence. Make sure you write 9 as we have just learned.

Art and Craft

Your Home Learning Scrapbook is YOUR BOOK! Make it your own! Get creative on the front and back cover. Draw, colour, stick paper or even collage bits of newspapers! Show your personality. Miss Pittam is excited to see the results when we come back to school.

P.S. Adults, try to encourage your child not to make the covers too cumbersome with a lumpy texture because this will make writing in their lovely book very difficult.

Chilli Challenge - Can you write your name on your scrapbook in your neatest handwriting? (If covered by a collage, you could write it on some paper and glue it to add to your collage effect)


Please feel free to explore the website, there are lots of ideas and resources on both the Althorp page and the rest of the School Closure section of the website. I am trying to make all of the learning as fun as possible with a lot of examples, but please go to the 'How Can I Help?' section of the Althorp page, where you can request more support and ask any questions. I am also doing a blog and videos where I read my favourite stories so keep an eye on this website and my new Youtube channel (Miss Pittam).

Thank you for your support!

Miss Pittam