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Kislingbury CE Primary School

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Homework (W/C 8th June)

If you are in Miss Holland's class, you can focus on the homework set from this class. If you want some extra challenge to fill your time, please feel free to use any or all resources listed below.

This week's homework is based around the e-book "In It Together" (attached in the documents section below). Read the story with your adult (adult reading) and discuss how each character is feeling throughout the story (happy, sad, worried, shocked/surprised, nervous, excited etc.)

In Miss Pittam's class this week we have been focussing on pattern. See if you can make some patterns with toy blocks, different types of toys, fruit etc. Begin with an ABAB pattern (such as orange, blue, orange, blue) and see if your child can continue it. Explore more complicated patterns as you begin to understand your child's current level of pattern understanding. Can your child make a pattern for you? Would they notice if you continued a pattern and put the wrong item next? (Full instructions with block resources are labelled as 'Maths' in the documents section).

Everyone has been having such a fun time away from school but I am sure you miss some of your friends. Write a letter to your friend and tell them what you have been doing at home. Example:

To Jim,

I went to the park and I had a cake.

From Miss Pittam

Chilli Challenge: Draw them a picture!


Thank you for all of the hard work you are putting in at home! 

From Miss Pittam