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Kislingbury CE Primary School

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Homework (W/C 15th June)

If you are in Miss Holland's class, you can focus on the homework set from this class. If you want some extra challenge to fill your time, please feel free to use any or all resources listed below.

This week's homework is based around the e-book "The Making of Milton" (attached in the documents section below). Read the story with your adult (adult reading) and discuss how each character is feeling throughout the story (happy, sad, worried, shocked/surprised, nervous, excited etc.) Have you ever felt anxious about doing anything? When have you done something you were scared to do? Where you proud of yourself?

Find the 'maths' document below.

Encourage your child to write a sentence about something they are interested in or are playing with as this is the best way to get your child engaged with writing. E.G. If your child likes tea parties, get them to write and design a menu. If they like superheroes, get them to draw a picture of their favourite and write a sentence in a speech bubble. 

Reading Books
Do not forget that children can read these phonics ebooks.

If You Are Not In School At The Moment...
Remember to practise your phonics on the Teach Your Monster To Read app/website.
There are full phonics lessons from the middle of Phase 3 on this Youtube Channel.
Full maths home activities are available at this website.

Have a great week!

From Miss Pittam