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Kislingbury CE Primary School

A school family learning and growing together


Story Time


If you have the resources, you could make your own play dough using the recipe in the documents section at the bottom of this page. You do not have to use cream of tartar, you can use baking soda or nothing at all. If you want to keep this for another day, keep it in an airtight container or sandwich bag to keep it soft.

Can you make some of our 3D shapes with your dough? Can you name the shape you have made?

Chilli Challenge

Count how many faces (flat sides) your shape has.


Please use Teach Your Monster To Read (website or app) every day to practise the phonics at your child's level.

Writing: Can you write these words without looking? Write the 'ure' sound for your child and let them know it will be in all of the words.

Chilli Challenge - Can you write these words?


It is time to practise our jumper family letters!

Can you do the strong meerkat action for each letter, then write 3 by the tree (3 of each letter on one line next to a drawn monkey tree) of:

r (From Scared Monkey - down, bump, back up, push over)

b (From Brave Monkey - down, bump, back up, push over, pull in (along the ground and hug the tree)

p (From Scared Monkey - down, ON DOWN, back up, push the cobwebs off, pull in (and hug the tree)

(With the p, we we go down from Scared Monkey, then into 'the pit' (under the line). Scared monkey sees a spider in the pit (SCREAM), back up to scared monkey, push the cobwebs off, pull in (and hug the tree)

Chilli Challenge - Can your adult spot the letter you could most improve on? Practice the moves in strong meerkat position then write another 3 by the tree.

Are you starting from the right monkey? Are you bumping on the ground (the line)? 

Chilli Challenge -

Understanding the World

Starry-Eyed Stan lives in the sea, which is made up of water. In the document section at the bottom of the page there are instructions for you to conduct an experiment about how rain forms!

Chilli Challenge - Can you explain what we need rain for?


Please send me any questions about anything in the "How Can I Help?" section of this website, or through my new school email address: Also, feel free to send any home learning your children are doing to this email address. 

Miss Pittam


All of us from Kislingbury C.E. Primary School wish you a lovely break at Easter. No work will be put on for this fortnight, but here are some ideas if you are looking for some ideas:

Reading is the most important part of home learning, whether it is an adult reading to child or the child reading to the adult. Please keep up your reading over the Easter break, and there are plenty of child reading books at Oxford Owl (LINK) and there are plenty of picture books read on YouTube.

Help The Hospital
If your children are bored at home, the patients in isolation at the Nye Bevan Unit could do with some cheering up! If you would like to send your drawings and cards that can be laminated, it would make a massive difference! If you want to join in, please send them to:

Walter Tull 
Northampton General Hospital

Tell The Time
See if you can practise telling the time on an analogue clock (not digital). You can normally find one on your mobile if you do not have one in your house! What does it mean if the minute hand points to 12? What about when it points to 6?

Extra Maths
Here is a link to some maths activities based on the book I read on YouTube: "We're Going On An Egg Hunt" and another book: "What the ladybird heard". Access these if you are looking for some extra challenges! LINK

Thank you for being fantastic for these two weeks!

From Miss Pittam