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Kislingbury CE Primary School

Flourishing, academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually through love.

Easter Holidays

Kiki has been doing lots of things over the weekend. She has been sewing a cross stitch picture.

  and helping to peal the apples to make an apple crumble.    

Kiki has been having a look at the RE holiday work, which Mrs White has set.    

Kiki has also been playing dominoes and doing some colouring.


Kiki has been very impressed with all your Easter Egg creations. I have included the pictures in Kiki's Diary so that it is easier to find them when new ones are added. Well done Zoe for your brilliant eggs. I love the fact that you were enjoying this so much that you decided to make two.

Thank you Archie for your Easter Egg, Kiki and I love the way you have turned it into a Monster Truck.

Kiki has been making her own Easter Egg. She enjoyed painting it but managed to get some paint on herself.


Kiki enjoyed a nice long walk following the footpaths. She made sure she kept her distance from the few people who were out walking. Kiki saw sheep, cows and pretty flowers on her walk.


Kiki and I would like to wish Anna a very Happy Birthday. We hope you have a lovely day. xxx


Kiki has been having lots of fun playing ball in the garden. Here are a couple of photos but there are more in the album.


Kiki has also painted a rainbow to go in Mrs Lunn's window.


Kiki and I would like to wish Esme a very Happy Birthday. We hope you have a great day. xxx 


Kiki has been doing some puzzles and making things with Playdough.



Kiki had a lovely Easter especially easting her Easter Egg. (A few more photos in the album).


Kiki had fun helping to wash Mrs Lunn's car even when she got covered in bubbles. 

        She has also been doing lots of reading.

Kiki has been practising her number bonds. 

    Kiki has started doing a tricky jigsaw puzzle, but she thinks it will take a long time to finish it.

Kiki has enjoyed listening to Mrs Lunn reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and has been helping to record these to put on to this website.