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Kislingbury CE Primary School

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Attendance and Absences Data

Attendance data for 2019 - 20 was not fully collated for the year due to the restrictions and school lock down in the spring and summer terms due to Covid 19.

Attendance up to the 14th February 2020 was 96.5%


Our last full year of attendance data was 2018-19


Attendance for the school for the year 2018-19   was 96.8%  


This compares with a national figure for the previous year of 96.2%


Of those absences 2.4% were authorised and 0.8% were unauthorised.


The number of pupils who were persistently absent, ie attendance level of less than 90% was 6.2% 


The school's attendance levels have consistently been above national averages for the last 5 years. 


The school has had no exclusions permanent or fixed term in the last 8 years.


The attendance for the Autumn Term 2020 -21 was 97.5%