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Kislingbury CE Primary School

Flourishing, academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually through love.

Althorp Class (EYFS)

Hello Current Althorp Class!

Here is a video from your Year 1 teachers to welcome you into the class!



I hope you are well! Here are some questions and answers about Year 1 that the children currently in school have asked:

Who are the teachers?

Mrs Lunn teaches you from Monday to Wednesday and Miss Clavey teaches on Thursdays and Fridays. You are also lucky enough to have Mrs Best in class every day (just like Mrs Lyon in reception class). They are all lovely!

Where do I keep my coats and bags?

In Year 1 you are lucky enough to have pegs inside your classroom! Much better than having them outside the door in reception. Your classroom is 'the mobile', the 1-classroom building near the quiet area separate from the main school building.

Where will I go to the toilet?

The toilets are the same as those in reception class (inside the main school building).

Which toys are in the Year 1 class?

We have many of the same areas as reception such as construction toys, a role play area, crafting resources and many more. There are not as many 'choosing' sessions in year 1 when compared to reception class, but lessons are just as fun!

Do we have the same lessons as in reception class?

We do have the same lessons as in reception including Maths, Phonics, Music, PSHE, Handwriting, Writing, PE. However, we add many more exciting lessons to our timetable including History (learning about things that have happened in the past), Geography (learning about places around the world), Science (learning about investigations and how things work) and even learning about computers and technology!

Thank you for being a brilliant class and I am so excited to hear all about Year 1 when I see you around school in September.

From Miss Pittam