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Kislingbury CE Primary School

A school family learning and growing together

4. Thursday 23.4.20

IF YOU WISH TO CONTACT ME: It is fantastic if you email me from the contact page with questions or comments, please continue to. Please remember I can not reply to that comment unless you write your name and an email address. Otherwise I read the emails and then I cannot do anything about it. 

If you have previously emailed me with an email address, well done, and you can either use the contact on the website or just reply from your emails as you then have my new lockdown email address.

Regarding English yesterday, I had multiple questions. Think about it this way- listen to the story I read, put yourself as Tanya or Shura, write what happens to your character from first person. 

  1. Book Talk: watch video and complete task.
  2. Maths: watch video and complete tasks.
  3. Spelling: learn your spelling of the day.
  4. English: watch video and complete tasks.
  5. Times tables: Log on to Rockstars for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Reading: Read your reading book for 20-30 minutes. Write it in your reading record.
  7. Kindness task: watch video and complete task.
  8. PE: Marathon Challenge
  9. PE task: click on the link and have a go.
  10. Listen to Raven's Children
  11. Optional Task: Meditation
  12. Optional Task: Song of the day