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Kislingbury CE Primary School

A school family learning and growing together


The Creative Curriculum is core to our pupils learning and development at Kislingbury Primary School and has proved to be stimulating way of teaching. Wherever possible the subjects are linked into the current theme/topic to build a cohesive way of learning.

Our Curriculum is based on the National Curriculum published by the Department of Education. this can be accessed via

Kislingbury School Curriculum Policy Documents are in our main policy section

Please see our four year curriculum maps for Key Stage One and Two below. Each Year group then has a specific curriculum news letter for each term which are accessed below.

Key Stage Long Term Curriculum maps


Key Stage One                                      Key Stage Two


Click on the year groups below to see this term's curriculum news letter detailing the coverage in all subjects.


Spring Term 2017- 18  Curriculum News letters are below: 


Althorp Class (EYFS)

Holdenby Class (Yr 1)

Kelmarsh Class (Yr 2)

Lamport Class (Yr 3 and 4)

Rockingham Class (Yr 4 and 5)

Sulgrave Class (r 6)